"In the past few days, a television video has circulated online that has created widespread consumer confusion and concern about radiation levels occurring in natural granites used for residential countertops. The report suggests some countertops may pose health risks, ignoring years of legitimate and independent scientific research that has concluded that natural stone is perfectly safe to use in homes.

Itís misleading to even hint that we would knowingly sell a product that might harm consumers! The report was prompted by a group that claims to be independent, but is actually funded by two companies that manufacture synthetic stone countertops made of quartz gravel, resins, coloring agents and other chemicals.

Unlike these competing synthetic products, granite is not manufactured in a plant by combining quartz gravel, resins, coloring agents and other chemicals. Throughout the years, consumers have been drawn to natural stoneís beauty, durability, cleanliness and safety.

Itís outrageous that manufacturers of synthetic stone countertops would use a front group like this to scare consumers. It is also alarming that manufacturers of a competing product feel they can only compete by groundlessly creating fear about natural stone, which is safe, beautiful and superior."

- Marble Institute of America (www.marble-institute.com)

Johnson Granite, Inc. agrees with MIA and have been in the granite business for many years and would never put something in our own home that posed a risk to us and our family.

To learn more about radon and granite, visit:


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